Two offshore oil rigs connected with offshore internet, surrounded by 4 boats.

Unprecedented internet experiences at sea

Flexible service plans adapt to changing business needs.

Two men navigating a commercial boat through the sea.

Best-in-class internet for commercial boats

Keep your customers and crew connected to reliable, faster internet powered by Viasat’s high-capacity satellite network. Manage costs with personalized service plans that provide the scalability and features you need.

Connectivity that moves the operations forward

Stay connected to stay productive


Viasat’s high-speed maritime internet keeps you connected to the mainland while you’re at sea, so you can continue business as usual. Upload/download critical data, access onshore employees and information, and more. Provide crew with the internet so they can connect to loved ones, entertainment, and work, without slowing down the network needed for operations.  

  • Intelligent network management

    We provide an automated network management system with built-in traffic shaping, data deduplication, and data caching allowing you to give your customers and crew with superior internet without sacrificing quality or cost.

  • Resilient high-speed connection

    Get the ultimate uptime across multiple links including Viasat networks, Viasat managed backup connections (cellular, W-iFi), Viasat managed out-of-band and customer-provided connections.

  • Software-defined wide area network

    Improve performance, increase agility, and reduce costs with our diverse and resilient connection that easily scales across satellite and wireless technologies without interruption. You can also peer with partners or other trusted networks.

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