EVTOL flying during the sunrise

Velaris – BVLOS connectivity for UAVs

Uncrewed aviation. Welcome to commercial airspace.

Introducing Velaris

A dedicated satellite communications service for UAVs and Advanced Air Mobility aircraft, enabling you to operate beyond visual line of sight. With Velaris, uncrewed aircraft can share the skies with crewed aviation – safely and seamlessly. Velaris delivers a ubiquitous safety services data link to uncrewed aviation – for ultra-dependable BVLOS connectivity. With a robust connection through our L-band satellite network, plus access to our industry-leading partner ecosystem, you’ll finally have the power to harness commercial opportunities in autonomous cargo and urban air mobility (UAM).

EVTOL flying
EVTOL flying

Crewed airspace. Now it’s a safe space for uncrewed aircraft

With Viasat Velaris, you get access to the definitive safety services data link for uncrewed aviation.

Wherever you need to operate, whatever altitude, Velaris can deliver a highly secure BVLOS connection, with mission-critical communication, navigation, and surveillance services. Velaris connectivity is delivered through our global, robust L-band network. Plus, Velaris has been created by Viasat’s ATM & UTM experts. The same team that built solutions like Iris and SwiftBroadband-Safety – the only safety-certified IP-connectivity service for crewed aviation. You’ll finally be able to operate at scale, too – because Velaris allows one controller to operate multiple aircraft from a central location.

Built by pioneers in air traffic and aviation safety management

Velaris comes from the same team that has been developing crewed air traffic management (ATM) systems for more than 30 years.

Trusted by global aviation regulators

We already have extensive uncrewed traffic management (UTM) experience working with civil and military governments worldwide. As a result, we are trusted by global aviation regulators.

Global coverage

Velaris uses the same Viasat network used for aviation safety communications over vast oceans. We have a fleet of six L-band satellites offering resilient global coverage, with a further three I-8 satellites set to launch in the coming years.

Photo of Ben Diachun

“Supernal is pleased to collaborate with Viasat to test the feasibility of integrating space-based and terrestrial data links to serve the Advanced Air Mobility industry"

Ben Diachun, Chief Technology Officer, Supernal

EVTOL with the city behind
EVTOL with the city behind
EVTOL with the city behind

Velaris. Much more than a connection.


When you connect your uncrewed aircraft through Viasat Velaris, you access a whole range of new possibilities. 


With a suite of value-added, on-demand connectivity and safety services, you can finally turn commercial airspace into commercial opportunity. These services are flexible too. So, you can boost operational efficiency by scaling them up and down as needed. You can also incorporate additional commercial uncrewed aviation services into your solutions through our industry-leading Velaris partner ecosystem. Velaris communication services provide all-weather reliability, alongside C2, UTM, HD video, end-to-end encryption, and terminals suitable for the vast majority of commercial UAVs. And all with a single connection.

Command and control (C2)
Health monitoring
UTM integration
Video surveillance

Featuring our smallest and lightest terminal

Velaris terminal

Height: 83mm

In the world of uncrewed aviation, every cubic centimeter and every gram counts. Which is why Viasat Velaris features our new hybrid satellite and cellular terminals. Our next-generation UAV satcom terminals fit right in the palm of your hand. You need reliable, always-on connectivity with your uncrewed aircraft. So you can harness all the new Velaris services, like video surveillance and health monitoring.

Many pioneers and innovators. One unique Velaris partnership

Explore the Velaris partner ecosystem. It’s a connected, collaborative network – promoting breakthrough solutions for uncrewed aviation.

Together, we’re mapping core technology and regulatory requirements for the widescale adoption of commercial uncrewed aviation.

The Velaris partner ecosystem also gives you easy access to a range of solutions that will expand commercial UAV opportunities. Solutions like advanced miniaturized terminal technology (as little as 300g) to reduce cost, size, and power requirements. You can even access flight trial evaluation kits through our partner network – so you can test out new solutions yourself.

Connect to the future

Get in touch to discuss how Velaris can enable your UAV business to ‘go further’. Ask our team about Velaris evaluation kits and try it out for yourself.
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